I joined CU Boulder’s Program in Environmental Design (ENVD) in 2014 after completing my doctoral studies at UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design (CED), where I wrote my dissertation on the transnational transformation of the architecture profession and its institutions.

In my research, I study design professions. I include architecture, landscape architecture, city planning and urban design, as well as civil and environmental engineering in this category–as professions engaged in the design and planning of our built environment.  My current projects are on the emergence of activism in the design professions and the globalization of the professions.

As part of these larger projects, I’m working with collaborators to study (a) issues in ethics education for environmental designers and engineers; (b) transnational movements of design professionals, students, and educators and their practices, ideas, and cultures of design; (c) activist and entrepreneurial tactics of designers trying to affect social change; and (d) design award websites and their effects on the design fields globally. I’m also conducting research on underrepresented perspectives in design education.

I teach an undergrad/grad seminar on the ethics of design for social change, a course on research methods in city and regional planning, a freshman design studio, and a senior studio for engineers. In the coming year, I’ll likely also teach an urban geography field course (where we’ll walk around Boulder and its environs) and a seminar on globalization and environmental design.

What else… when I’m not reading, writing, or teaching, I’m chasing a husky named Baran around the mountains or I’m on the mat (tapping out nine times of ten).

My faculty profile is on my ENVD page.